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The Miami Group

Our Mission:
To help businesses reach their next level of excellence

Our History


Millie Herrera, MBA, founded and leads The Miami Group & Associates, Inc, a boutique management and business consulting firm headquartered in Miami, Florida.


The Miami Group was born in 2000 as a business and public affairs consulting firm. Initially, all three founders had full time jobs in the corporate, law and government sectors and ran the company on a part time basis. Within the first year, two of the founders amicably left the company to continue their professional careers, and Millie remained as sole owner and president.   

Our Expertise


The Miami Group provides strategic planning and marketing strategies consulting, business certification, IT business analysis & project management, and corporate development to achieve organizational excellence for our Clients.

What makes us unique is the depth and breadth of our expertise. Throughout our company's history, we have served small to medium and corporate clients in diverse industries, from banking and insurance corporations, to food importers, IT services providers, wholesale distributors, attorneys, global fruit distributors, non-profit organizations, international purchasing agents of oil and mining exploration machinery, construction trades and manufacturing, to name a few.

We partner with our Clients to identify their challenges and goals, create strategies for success, and put in place actionable, measurable objectives and processes to arrive at higher levels of operational excellence and profit.

We collaborate with other professional experts to create the best teams possible with the right expertise for each Client and project.

Our Commitment


We are results driven and provide our Clients the best possible personalized, reliable and trusted services to exceed their expectations in all we do.
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